Just like any other dog breeds, English bulldogs have specific needs and preferences. As an English bulldog owner, it is your responsibility to educate yourself and apply what you have learned about taking good care of your bulldog. Even though this breed has grown in popularity over the last few years that there are even some people who holds bulldogs auction, you need to remember that they need special care and attention. Providing these sufficiently will lead to a happy life for your bulldog as well as you and your family!

What do you need to remember in taking care of your English Bulldog?

Before you sport your bulldogs logo loud and proud, make sure that you understand the basics and that you know how to treat them well. You need to understand what their usual problems are in order to anticipate possible problems and try your best to prevent such problems. English bulldogs usually have skin infections as well as dental issues. To prevent such problems, you need to make sure that you check your furry friend’s mouth, including its tongue, teeth, and gums, daily. You also need to make sure that its skin folds are dry and clean all the time.

These are the body parts that you need to check regularly if you have English Bulldogs as pets:

  • Facial skin folds
  • Tail base skin folds
  • Neck folds

How to take care of your English Bulldog:

  • Check it out. You need to remember the spots that you should check on your English bulldog on a regular basis. First, check the snout and if it is crusty, you can clean it with any natural moisturizer. Then, wipe the folds, wrinkles, and ropes to keep them dry and clean. Next, the eyes. Check for gunk, irritation, swelling, tear stains, and cherry eye. Also, check the ears, teeth, gums, chin, skin, coat, genitals, and paws. Remember to check its weight from time to time as well.
  • Train, Train, go away. These are the things that you can start with when training your English bulldog. First, show it where the food and water bowls are. It also needs to remember significant places such as its bed and where its toys are. Then, set a bulldogs schedule – when is meal time, bed time, wake up time, and bathroom time.
  • Stomach Development. Make sure that you have available water for your English bulldog especially when you are training it. A bulldog puppy needs its last meal and just a bit of water at least a couple of hours before it is bed time.
  • Safety and Security. It is important to make your English bulldog feel safe so it can sleep soundly. Put some blankets or pillow so they can sleep on something soft and comfortable. You can also keep one of its favorite toys beside your bulldog as this helps them feel safe.

Keep your English Bulldog happy and well-trained and you would not have to worry about a bulldog barking, waking you and your neighbors up in the middle of the night for no apparent reason.

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