Thinking of doing something extra luxurious for your furry friend? Sometimes you’d like to give your pets much more than the basics. It turns out that when it comes to spoiling your beloved animal companions, you can choose from a huge number of things to suit any fancy. Read on as we explore our favorites.

Great Dog Toys

According to Pedigree, when your dog plays it increases their heart health and improves their bond with you. Certain games will even keep their minds sharp by working on their mental abilities. You can even get interactive puzzles to challenge and entertain your pooch.

Even though you’re enjoying spoiling your dog, you should be sure to choose the right games and set the rules before you start. Keep in mind positive reinforcement should be the first reward your pup receives when he’s abiding by the rules. Your smile and tone of voice can keep him happy and interested! If your dog plays well, you can take things up a notch by incorporating treats as rewards.

Luxurious Cat Toys

When it comes to playing with your cats, the benefits not only include physical fitness, but also keeping your furniture intact. According to PetMate, while your cat may sleep up to 16 hours each day, they will play with or without you.

Considering that cats need to hunt, feel challenged and scratch things, it makes sense to provide the right toys for them. As you probably guessed, every toy isn’t right for every cat, so be prepared to do some trial and error. There are fun options that mesh the cat’s need to scratch with a ball on a track to a goodie box of tantalizing fishing games. While you’re searching for the toys that match your cat’s personality, make sure to refer to online reviews and pet guides.

Top-Notch Pet Nutrition

As Money Inc. explains, the main difference between the least expensive pet foods and those that cost a pretty penny is the ingredients. The more expensive pet food brands usually use more wholesome ingredients and fewer fillers.

If you’re interested in getting your dog the best of the best, then consider Merrick Before Grain or Blue Buffalo. Where your cats are concerned, Variety Recipes is a good bet.

You don’t have to stop at their regular meals either. You can treat your dog with some pet-friendly frozen treats from the store or you can get the ingredients and make your own “pupsicles.” Cats can also enjoy some top quality treats that are grain-free and contain tasty stuff like salmon.

Since some pet foods can cost a bit of money, it’s important to find ways to save money. For example, if you purchase pet food from a retailer such as Petsmart, use Petsmart coupons, discounts, and special cashback offers to help you save money. This is particularly helpful when you’re trying to find a product that your pet enjoys, which can often take some trial and error.

Luxury Pet Vacations

Another thing that would definitely put your pet’s life well above the ordinary is a pet-friendly vacation. That doesn’t just mean hotels that allow pets, but hotels that are specifically designed to pamper your pets.

You’ll find luxury pet bedding, doggie water parks, cat scratching posts, and pet-friendly spas. To make sure you have a good time as well, these hotels usually have dedicated staff to take care of your pets’ needs. When you’re headed to your location, keep your furry friend comfortable with a good designer dog or cat carrier.

If you’re looking to pamper your pet in the best way possible, then you’ll be happy to know that you have lots to pick from. You can get them some great interactive toys and make sure they’re healthy with the best food. After all of that, take them out on a luxurious vacation where someone else can pamper them, too! You’ll both love making the most of every minute together.

Author: Aurora James

Photo courtesy of Unsplash