There are many breeds of bulldogs but typically, when you mention “bulldog” you are referring to the “English Bulldog”. Originally, despite its bullying appearance, the typical bulldog has a gentle temperament and is a courageous dog. The bulldog, in its early years, renowned for its large head, muscular frame, and massive jaws, started as a guarding and hunting dog. The dog breed was particularly bred for the cruel practice of bull-baiting in its early years.

Bull-baiting is known as a blood sport where people watch whether a bull will be pinned down by the dog, hence deriving its name “bulldog”. As a result of this cruel practice game, bulldogs were branded as an aggressive dog over the years.

Bulldogs are no longer known as an aggressive dog, thanks to the cross-breeding process which makes the modern-day bulldog quite the opposite of the early breed of bulldogs. The American Kennel Club describes the modern-day breed as a calm, affectionate, and inquisitive dog who is gentle and great as a family pet. Other breeds of bulldogs include the American Bulldog and the French Bulldog.

Over the years with selective breeding, it has been possible to make the bulldog a dog with a calm and peaceful character, very affectionate and sociable, which is also capable of showing great courage and security when the situation requires it. They get along well with adults and children, and are also easy to socialize with other dogs.


Social and gentle bulldog’s temperament


Based on the bulldog’s early reputation as an aggressive dog, many people do not want to own a bulldog as a pet. This is a shame because the modern-day bulldog temperament makes it a wonderful pet. You can expect today’s bulldog to gently wrestle and playfully tumble with children, thanks to their loving and almost endless patience. As playful as the bulldog can be, make sure you have a towel handy; they produce an awful lot of drool because of their breathing issues.

The Bulldogs are susceptible to heat stress, this makes them suitable for apartment living and they tend to be lazy. Expect a bulldog to happily snuggle up on a couch with you. Bulldogs can be quite destructive only if you leave them all alone or leave them outside.


Bulldogs are an extremely intelligent breed


They are extremely intelligent, calm and affectionate. You won’t hear a Bulldog bark too much, but you’ll soon get used to its loud snoring and belching. The Bulldog easily adapts to life in an apartment or in the field with huge grounds for walking.


Laziness and exercise


The English bulldog’s behavior can be somewhat lazy, as it will sleep many hours a day. Although he is not a big fan of physical exercise, we should urge him to do activities to keep him fit. These dogs do not like to run, and will always prefer that the walks be calm. They don’t like the heat very much either, and be careful, they are scared by loud noises.

In conclusion, Bulldogs are a very lovely companion as a pet. They are almost never nervous or restless, and with the proper care it will be possible to get a perfect pet. You can check out our top pick of best harnesses suitable for bulldogs if you are looking to take a walk with or train your dog.


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Edited by: Ayelen Sforni

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