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How? We have a Progesterone Blood Test Machine that provides results on dogs’ progesterone levels within a matter of minutes, allowing us to determine quickly when a dog has reached the best time for insemination.

Progesterone Machine

Now offering you progesterone testing and artificial inseminations!

English & French Bulldogs

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15 Min. to get the result!

You don’t  have to spend time waiting at the clinics.

Sandov’s English Bulldog

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What is progesterone and why would I test for it?

Progesterone is a hormone that helps prepare and maintain the uterus for pregnancy. It begins to rise during the estrus cycle and is a key indicator (along with the luteinizing hormone, or LH) of when ovulation occurs.

Why would I test my bitch’s progesterone levels?

To determine when ovulation occurs and hence when it is the best time to breed.

What is the target progesterone level for breeding/insemination?

Coffee Bean

AI (Artific.Insemination)

Coffee Bean

SI (Surgery Insemination)

It will vary depending on the type of breeding planned. For chilled semen inseminations, we generally arrange the AI (Artificial Insemination) once the progesterone has gone 10 to 14 ng/ml. For SI (Surgical Insemination), we plan the insemination when the progesterone has risen between 15 to 25 ng/ml.

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