CT-20 CT Cryogenics Liquid Nitrogen Semen Tank

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20 litre Liquid Nitrogen Container

CT-20 Semen Tank

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Brand New Liquid Nitrogen Semen Tank!  This popular mid-size model holds 20 liters of liquid nitrogen and 1284 bulk .5ml straws of semen.
Free padded insulated cover protects tank and reduces liquid nitrogen loss.
Includes 6 canisters.


Nitrogen CapacityL20.0
Empty Weight (lbs)lbs25.0
Full Weight (lbs)lbs60.7
Neck Diameter mm50
Outer Diameterin16.1
Static EvaporationL/d0.099
Static Holding Time*Days140
Canister Diameterin1.5
Canister Heightin10.9
Number of Canisters 6
Bulk Straw Capacity0.5ml1284
Price $499


* Your actual holding time will be up to 1/3 less depending on amount of product stored, room temperature, sunlight, drafts, how often the container is opened, nature of container use, atmospheric conditions, and manufacturing tolerances.

Not Certified for Human Biologicals.
Do not ship products in any of these tanks
except the CT-3D Shipper Tank.