When you live in the city, you have to be very careful about choosing your pet. For dog lovers, including those who just love bulldogs, you need to make sure that aside from the fact that apartments and neighborhoods have some issues with specific dog breeds, you also need to consider if the city is an appropriate residence for your chosen dog breed. This will help ensure that both you and your furry friend will have a great time with each other may it be together and on hours that you are apart from each other. French Bulldogs are popular among city dwellers and you will learn why as you read on.

What makes French Bulldogs perfect for the bustling cities?

You get the best of both (or three) worlds with French Bulldogs for sale because this breed is a mix of the English Bulldog, the terrier, and the pug. They also come in a variety of colors – white, fawn, brindle, tan, white and now exotics colors French bulldogs! They can live for a decade or sometimes, even longer. Some people also call them as bat-pig because of their ears that always seem alert. The first thing that makes it perfect for the city and for busy owners is that it doesn’t mind just lounging around and relaxing in your home while you are away.

Here are some common misconceptions about French Bulldogs:

  • French Bulldogs reproduce naturally just like other dog breeds.
  • They are not reliable as guard dogs.
  • French Bulldogs need lots of exercise.

Why are French Bulldogs perfect for city life?

  • They only need a little walk. While bulldogs football are popular and would make you think that they require a lot of physical activities, they actually need just a little walk. That is why if you have a very demanding job, all you need to do is a lot a few minutes for a walk and your French bulldog will love you for it.
  • They are sociable. You do not need to worry that your French bulldog might go crazy in a crowd or when he or she spots another dog. That is why even in the city, they are not stressed out when you take them walking even in the busy streets. You do not have to worry about bothering other people and other dog owners wherever you go.
  • They do not bark a lot. Unlike other dog breeds, you do not have to worry about bothering your neighbors because they are not classified as excessive barkers. Yes, they might alert you whenever there is someone or some people at the door so you can still rely on bulldog security but you can rest assured that you will not wake up to barking with no apparent reason at inappropriate times.
  • They are trainable. Although not the easiest and the fastest dog breed to train, they are trainable. You just need to invest some time and effort and you can see that bulldogs puppies can obey commands after about 50 repetitions.

While French Bulldogs can be a bit pricey, you can always visit the shelter to take a chance of having your own French Bulldogs for free.

Sandov’s English Bulldog

Courtesy Picture (by Cheish M)