As a loving dog-owner, going on vacation can be even more fun when Fido comes along. Your pup gets to enjoy different sights, smells, and sounds — and won’t miss you while you’re away. You benefit as well, as having your pet by your side can ease your own travel anxiety and encourage you to adapt to a new routine despite new surroundings and jet lag. Refer to these tips and resources to avoid problems when globetrotting with a pup in tow.

Look for Dog-Friendly Destinations

The holiday should be enjoyable for both you and your pet, so choose your destination accordingly. This list from TripAdvisor has great suggestions: Consider Fort Myers, Florida, for beach days playing in the surf and sand together, or try Asheville, North Carolina, for scenic mountain hikes that will let you and your energetic dog get some exercise.

Major metropolitan areas are not usually ideal unless your dog is already used to the big-city life; otherwise, the influx of people and noise may prove overwhelming. Additionally, some cities have strict rules regarding pets on public transportation such as subways and buses, which can limit your movement with a dog.

Find Accommodation That Accepts Pets

Once you’ve honed in on a geographic area, look for a hotel or vacation rental that will house both you and your dog. Some places have a strict “no pets” policy, while others are very accommodating and provide extra perks like pet beds and food and water dishes. Search engines like and let you hunt for dog-friendly housing.

Once you do choose a place to sleep, contact the accommodation in advance to let them know you will be bringing your dog. Consider special needs your pet might have; for instance, if you want to limit their movement in your hotel room or vacation home, bring a pet gate. Shrinking the size of this strange space also allows them to acclimate more quickly.

Get Ready for Safe Transport

If you are flying to your destination, check the airline pet policies before booking a ticket. Some companies don’t allow dogs to travel in the cargo hold, whereas others don’t allow dogs in the cabin. There are also limits regarding the size and type of dogs permitted; for instance, many airlines don’t accept short-nosed breeds.

If you are driving, get your dog used to riding in the car beforehand. Take a look at this list of tips from the Spruce Pets, which includes suggestions such as starting with shorter practice drives and first introducing the canine to the car by allowing them to enjoy a meal inside of it. This eases fears and creates positive associations with the vehicle.

Beware that in some cases a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection may be needed to transport an animal across state lines or internationally. This health certificate, which can be provided by a veterinarian, confirms that animals are fit to travel and also that basic medical requirements like vaccinations have been met.

Get a Pet Sitter If Needed

You may not be able to bring your pup with you everywhere you go on your trip. When this happens, find a trusted pet sitter online via platforms such as City Pet Sitters. Prepare the sitter by following these guidelines, which cover suggestions like creating a written checklist with details like feeding and walking times.

When planning your dog-friendly holiday, use the tips above to ease stress for both yourself and your four-legged family member. Preparing in advance ensures that your trip runs smoothly. This experience is meant to be enjoyable for both of you, not a cause for anxiety.

Author Article: Nick Burton

Photo Credit: Pexels