More and more people are falling in love with French Bulldogs and that includes the rich and famous. Perhaps it is the fact that French Bulldogs enjoy just hanging around while their humans go about their daily routine. They also exude an exceptional air or royalty – something that matches the aura of their celebrity owners. Here are some of the show business royalties who own a French Bulldog.

  • The Rise of Reese Witherspoon. Witherspoon, who starred in numerous films including A Wrinkle in Time, Home Again, and Hot Pursuit, in TV shows such as Shine On With Reese, The Mindy Project, Big Little Lies, and a lot more, rose to stardom among dog lovers when she got her French bulldog, Pepper, in 2016. It just shows that she does not believe that bulldogs are ugly. You can usually see photos of Pepper in Witherspoon’s social media accounts and pages.
  • Healing Hilary Duff. Hilary Duff, just like any other child actor or actress felt the pressure of living under the scrutiny of the public. She graced the silver screen with films like Flock of Dudes, Wings, and Foodfight! However, she gained her popularity in television where she starred in different shows such as Who do you think you are?, The Talk, and of course, Lizzie McGuire. It has been a bulldogs world for Hilary as her French bulldog, Peaches, helped heal her heart after Peaches’ older bulldog brother, Beau, passed away.
  • Lady Gaga going Gaga. Lady Gaga has been going gaga for French Bulldogs with her pack of three namely Asia, Moonpig, and Koji. The multi-awarded breakthrough artist has numerous successful albums including Artpop, The Fame, and The Fame Monster. However, her bulldogs gang, especially Asia, is also a celebrity just like her human. Aside from getting millions of likes in each of Lady Gaga’s social media post that features Asia, this celerity bulldog also has been on the cover of different magazines and has been featured in different campaigns.
  • Carrie on the Red Carpet. Carrie Fisher makes sure that she is in good company all the time that is why she always bring Gary, her French bulldog with her wherever she goes. She also chose Gary to be her escort to walk with her on the red carpet of “The Force Awakens”. She proves that it is perfect to have bulldogs as pets and even uses Gary’s photo on her Twitter profile.
  • Denise’s Delight. Denise Richards is perhaps one of the prettiest faces in Hollywood and she also owns one of the prettiest French bulldogs. Richards, a fan of bulldogs breeds, starred in numerous films including Saturday at the Starlight, American Satan, and Freeloaders. She is also a member of the cast of numerous television shows including The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Vanity, and Twisted. Her French bulldog, Leo is now a regular part of her social media posts.

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Sandov’s English Bulldog

Courtesy Picture (By Luke James)
Pup poses: Lady Gaga carries her dogs Miss Asia and Koji dressed up as Santas