French Bulldog Boy Black Triple Carrier Chocolate Blue and AT
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Welcome our french Bulldogs! Born: 12/17/2018

Hello Everyone,
We want to thank everyone who is interested in our Frenchies! For the moment, we are sharing pictures of the puppies so you all can see how they are growing. In terms of pricing, we will be setting prices for each puppy on January 21st when the puppies are 1 month and 1 week old. By then they will be walking and we will be able to best determine a fair price. We apologize for the delay but hope you keep up with our updates for more information! Thanks!

Sandov’s English Bulldog

Black Triple Carrier Chocolate Blue and AT

with blue-gray eyes!

Male #2

Video from 01/14/19

Video from 01/04/19

Video from 12/27/18

Dad: Mau Loa Bulldogs “Kemu” Quad Carrier


Mom: Sandov’s Blue Tri Merle Frenchy “BlueG”