The English bulldog is quite a special breed and its diet also needs just a bit of special attention. A perfect meal means that it will meet all the needs of your furry friend. Meeting all the needs of your English bulldog will result to better health. Better health means better mood and fun times for you and your pet. Whether you are a new or a veteran English bulldog owner or if you are temporarily taking care of one for a friend or a loved one, it is always important to understand what it should and what it should not eat.

Nutritional Needs – English bulldog Dietary Health

Just like humans, English bulldogs also have dietary needs to meet. These bulldogs weigh 50 lbs. in the average. For such weight, they need to consume food with more than 1300 calories. There are different factors that may affect the nutritional needs of your English bulldog including its age, its metabolism rate, and the amount of physical activities that it engages in. It is also important if your pet has any food allergies. To do this, you need to keep a food journal and monitor if there is anything that triggers an allergic reaction.

The proper English bulldog diet will help you save your pet from their breed’s common health problems:

  • Digestive issues
  • Different kinds of food allergies
  • Flatulence
  • Hip dysplasia

Bull Eats – Recommended Food and What to Avoid for your English bulldog

  • Premium Power. It is always important to go for premium dog food. While some people may argue that feeding their pets leftovers is definitely cheaper, it is unwise to say that it is more practical. With leftovers, you cannot meet the nutritional needs of your pet. This means that their health is not in its best condition and that they are prone to more health problems. When that happens, vet bills and med expenses come in and it will cost you more compared to investing on a premium dog food.
  • Pick Protein. To help your English bulldog get the nutrients and energy that it needs without gaining excess weight, go for digestible protein-rich dog food. Always check the label before buying dog food. Also, you may need to do some research to know more about the brands’ reputations among vets as well as other dog owners.
  • Vie for Vitamins. Again, read the labels and check out which among the available dog food in the market contains the most vitamins. These nutrients will help improve your English bulldog’s immune system. This means that they are kept safe from different kinds of health problems so you can have more fun and exciting bonding time with it. It will also save you from expenses that getting sick might incur.
  • Forbidden Food. Stay away from food with soy, corn, wheat, artificial flavors, artificial coloring, and artificial sweeteners.

Make sure that you make the best choice of food for your English bulldog – it is a smart investment that goes a long way!

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