English bulldog Allergies

To understand your English bulldog’s allergies, you need to understand its symptoms first. You can tell that your pet is having an allergy attack if it has a consistent itch and just cannot seem to stop scratching. You may also notice skin irritations frequently. Sometimes, there is even a stinky smell even when your English bulldog is fresh out of the bath. Bulldogs that are having some allergy attack also lick its paws a lot. It may also suffer from hot spots and ear infections. These are the things that you need to watch out for if you suspect that your pet’s allergies are triggered.

Pulled Trigger – Causes of English bulldog Allergies

  • Environmental Effects. The problem might be right inside your home. One of the most common causes of the English bulldogs as well as other dog breeds’ allergies is dust mites. These dust mites come from your Aircon’s vent. It may also come from other sources such as freshly cut or mown grass and blooming flowers. You can prevent such allergies through regular vacuuming, replacing covers, and using bed bugs or dust mite covers.
  • Contact Crimes. These causes are practically everywhere so you have to monitor if there is something new that the pet has been exposed to or if you did something new that day. It can be anything that your pet’s skin touches – grasses, new floor cleaner, new toys, new rug, flea treatments, laundry detergent, fabric softeners, newly cleaned carpets, and a lot more. You need to pay attention to such possible causes when you notice that your English bulldog suddenly had hives or itchies. You can prevent this through using perfume or fragrance-free products, using clean ceramics or stainless steel for your pet’s food and drinks, using mild detergent, soaps, and fabric softeners in spots that your English bulldog frequent, and wiping your pet’s paws clean everytime they step in from an outdoor trip.
  • Food Fiend. Often, English bulldogs are allergic to one or more of the following: wheat, soy, beef, dairy, fish, artificial preservatives, corn, pork, chicken, eggs, artificial seasonings, and food dyes. To identify the cause of your pet’s allergies, you may have to try a restrictive diet through eliminating suspected ingredients.

Preventive Measures – Save your English bulldog from allergies

  • Safe Shampoo. Go for a shampoo that works in two ways – keep your English bulldog clean and gets rid and protects your furry friend from fungi and bacteria. You may ask for a vet’s recommendation or do a research among other English bulldog owners.
  • Food Feels. Keep your pet away from grains, soy, corn, and all by-products. Chicken is a highly recommended protein source but only if your bulldog is not allergic to it.
  • Daily Dose. Establish a routine of dry wiping your pet’s wrinkles, giving it a treat, some petting, and gentle brushing. However, never force yourself to do it if you are not in the mood because your beloved bulldog will definitely sense it and will cause it stress.

Without allergy attacks, you can have all the fun in the world with your loving and loyal English bulldog.

Picture: Sandov’s English Bulldog