Sandov’s Blue Tri Merle “Alaska”


Xzibit Lilac tri (Stud Services)


We expect new puppies of this breeder for 09/26/19

Mom: Alaska

Dad: Xzibit

Sandov’s Blue Tri Merle “BlueG” French Bulldog


Kemu Quad Carrier (Stud Services)


We expect new puppies of this breeder for 09/30/19

Mom: BlueG

Dad: Kemu

Sandov’s Lilac Fawn Merle “Candy”


Hotshot Mini Lilac Tri


Welcome to these beautiful English Bulldogs puppies! Born 05/31/19

Lilac Tri Girl

✈ To Cairo, Egypt!


Mom: Candy

Dad: HotShot

Recent puppies with new Home!


Blue Tri Merle Girl with blue eyes!


Blue Tri Merle Girl

✈ To Colorado, USA!



Blue Tri Boy with blue eyes!



Blue Tri Boy with blue eyes!


Lilac Tri Boy


Black Tri Boy

🐾 Sold 🐾

Lilac Tri Merle Boy

 🐾 Sold 🐾

Lilac Tri Girl


CT-20 CT Cryogenics Liquid Nitrogen Semen Tank

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🔥 Rare Blue Tri Merle French Bulldog 🔥

Short and Compact!

You can reserve him (STUD) with small Deposit!

Call for more Info at:  


Sandov’s French Bulldogs with New Home

Sandov’s French Bulldogs Girls with New Home!

Shop Our Handmade Harness

Special to Adult English Bulldogs!


Exotics and Standards English Bulldogs

All our puppies are AKC Registered,  come with Health Warranty 1 year, all vaccines, contract, Invoice/Receipt, Folder AKC Information, etc.


Our Males: Scarface, Scorpion, Maximus, Scarface Jr and Khronos

We offer Stud Services from “Scarface” Lilac Tri Merle, “Scorpion” Black Tri Merle, “Maximus” Blue English Bulldogs and our Future Stud Frenchy “Khronos” Blue Tri Merle


Merles, Solid Colors and Standards colors

Visit Our Future Breeders: Our puppies are high quality, AKC registered, pure-blood bulldogs English Bulldogs and French Bulldogs


To all our customers:
We want to inform you that our Male Lilac Tri Merle “Scarface” is currently blocked due to a legal matter we iniciated against the co-owner Rene/Omar Sanchez. No registration will be approved until the case is finalized. We apologize for not being able to offer Scarface for stud services at the moment. Thank you for your understanding, we will keep updated information about the legal process on our website.
Thank you,

Sandov’s English Bulldog

Sandov’s English Bulldog

Home to high quality, AKC registered, pure-blood bulldogs. We are located in the Inland Empire area (Riverside, CA). Our mission, first and foremost, is to produce healthy, happy, and beautiful bulldogs that make great family companions. We strive to produce healthy puppies and are on a never ending quest to improve our blood lines and the Bulldog breed as a whole. Our bulldogs have some of the highest quality champion blood-lines (including the Cherokee Legend) and rare colors (including blue, chocolate, black, seal, lilac and Merle). We understand that most pet owners have no intentions of breeding or showing bulldogs, however, we still want to provide the top quality that all of our customers deserve. Our dogs are seen by a licensed Vet before we place our puppies in new homes. All of our English Bulldog puppies for sale are raised by and with our family and around our children in our home. Feel free to browse our webpage and we hope you find the perfect English Bulldog puppy for you and your lovely family.

See some our past puppies

Visit our gallery of past puppies, they have a great new homes! Exotic and standards colors produced by Sandov’s English Bulldog, from our females: Bella, Daisy, Casey, Candy, Alaska English Bulldog and BlueG our French Bulldog, also puppies from stud services from Maximus, Scarface, Scorpion and Future stud services Scarface Jr

“Khronos” Blue Tri Merle French Bulldog


Ask for  Price!

We accepting Deposit for our Future Stud Services!

“Khronos” Our Future Stud Services Alert!. We offering Stud Services with incredible special fee now! Reserve the stud for your female with our Quad Merle for Special Price Now! He will produce amazing puppies, reserve now! after will go up!! Call at 951-756-2034 for more Info!

See Some Pictures and Videos of  “Khronos” Here!

“Scorpion” Black Tri Merle English Bulldog


Ask for  Price!

We accepting Puppy Back Deal with select females!

“Scorpion” Scarface’s Son! Open for Stud Services. We offering Stud Services for our Black Tri Merle SCORPION for a great stud fee! He produced merles and beautiful puppies with colors and standards females! Call at 951-756-2034 for more Info!

See Some Videos of  “Scorpion” Here!

See Some Puppies of  “Scorpion” Here!

“Scarface Jr” Lilac Tri Merle English Bulldog


Open for Stud Services!

“Sandov’s Lilac Tri Merle SCARFACE JR”

“SCARFACE JR” Scarface’s Son! Open for Stud Services. He is ready to produce amazing  puppies!  Reserve your spot for this great Lilac Tri Merle and add beautiful colors in your program! Call at 951-756-2034 for more Info!

See Some Pictures and Videos of  “Scarface Jr” Here!

Happy Customers

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All Our Customers received   AKC Registered Papers

All our puppies come with AKC Registration form and you will receive: Our Contract Folder, Invoice/Receipt, Vaccines Book, AKC Puppy Information Folder and our Business Card!

Gift Pack from Sandov’s English Bulldog

to our Customers!

(The items can be look different some times, but will be similar items, will depend the availability. The Carrier bag only for customers fly from a airport)

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Sandov’s Corporation

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Riverside CA 92503 USA

Phone: 951-756-2034


Puppy Scam Alert

Since English Bulldogs are becoming some of the most desired dog breeds, many scam artists are taking the opportunity to take advantage of unsuspecting people. There are many “red flags” that one must be aware of in order to avoid getting scammed.

“Red Flags” may include:

  • If a breeder only chooses to talk over email and refuses to meet in person or talk on the phone.
  • A breeder selling a champion puppy, or rare color puppy, for less than $1500.
  • A breeder requiring you to pay him via wire transfer, money order, or western union without you even meeting him or his puppies. The safest method of pay is through by Cash in person or by Bank Transfer, but you must have talked to the breeder by phone or in person. NEVER MAKE A PAYMENT VIA WESTERN UNION, WIRE TRANSFER OR MONEY ORDER unless you have met the breeder and puppies in person and you are sure there is no scam.

These are some tips to make your English Bulldog puppy buying experience a safe and enjoyable one.