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Sandov’s Scarface Lilac Tri Merle

Lilac and Triple Carries females stud fee $8000 and Up…

No Puppy Back (exception with special females)

*** The prices can be changed in anytime! ***

Contact: 951-756-2034 (Jibbi)

Stud Services * Maximus

Maximus is a proven producer of amazing quality puppies, short and compact. Feel  free and visit our website to look max puppies. He is 15 inch tall with very wide chest and wide shoulders as well. He has a big gorgeous head. With natural rose ears and hazel eyes.

Stud fee could be more or less, vary depending on your female.

Puppy back in select females  *  Contact me for more details *  info@englishbulldogriverside.com

Phone: 951-756-2034 (Hablo Español)