How To Make a Deposit


In cash by directly contacting Jibbi Sandov at: (951) 756-2034


Through a bank transfer to our Business Bank Account:

Sandov’s Corporation

DBA: Sandov’s English Bulldog

Wells Fargo Bank

Routing number: 122000247

Account Number: 3035620115


Over PayPal only by choosing the “friends/family” will have to add the 3.5% PayPal Fee on your end, using this email account:


Click on the bottom button to open up the contract for to see the Contract Purchase Puppy. Be sure to read carefully.

Fill out the contract with your information, sign it, and send it to our email:  with proof of the deposit. Ask for the amount the deposit, (Normally is $500 * NON-REFUNDABLE) but is depend the puppy: Color, Fawn color or true color, Markings, Carrier genes, Gender, Full/limited AKC, Pedigree, Age, Structure, etc.; or for STUD Services of SCARFACE / SCORPION / MAXIMUS, ask for the Contract before to send the deposit for to know the amount of the deposit.

After making the deposit and filling out the contract, please send us an email to with the contract signed and a proof of payment.


The deposit is not-refundable (NO EXCEPTION). If for some reason you cannot get the puppy you have chosen out of the current litter, your money can then be used towards a puppy of the same quality from the next litter. The buyer will be responsible for any difference in price.


When the deposit becomes available to us via bank account or PayPal we must have your contract signed on your behalf.  We  will  sign and send back to you. If the contract is not signed within 3 days of the deposit being received (you lose your Deposit) and also you will lose your place in the list for choosing your puppy.


Once we receive the deposit and the signed contract we will send you an email with the position in which you lie in the list for choosing your puppy.


The puppy will be ready to be picked up or shipped (with an additional cost of $350-$500) at 2 months of age. We only ship within the United States. (We can considered send to the world, but before we give the cost for nanny services and the buyer have to accept and pay that cost for to send the puppy)


Once you make your deposit, we will be updating you with all the information about your puppy once you have chosen it. We will be sending you new pictures every week until it reaches 2 months in age, when you will be able to take your new puppy home.


Note: For deposits on future puppies of future litters, please send to us a proof of a deposit to our email,


Please indicate on the email which litter you want to pick a puppy from according to the future breeders available on our web-page,

Sandov’s English Bulldog
Phone: 951-756-2034 * Riverside CA * USA